“Eyes Like Carnivals” seeks literary agent

“Eyes Like Carnivals” is about running away to carnivals, the hidden lives of carnival people, adventure, America and a wild-ride-and-return story. Sex, drugs, rock-n-roll and unbelievable characters. Traveling fun, hard work and living life behind the midway and on the American road!

It’s my goal this year to publish “Eyes Like Carnivals,” my spectacular year writing while working in 10 carnivals in 10 states, from California to New York, Alaska to Florida. I hitchhiked 15,000 miles between jumps – even going down to Mexico to see the “new face of American carnivals” in a Mexican feeder town for US carnivals.

If you know an agent, let them know. Watch me do this thing this year, perhaps the hardest part of the journey will be the publishing. Email me: comerfordmichael@gmail.com

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